by bede taylor

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released January 16, 2012



all rights reserved


bede taylor Auckland, New Zealand

Bede Taylor lives with his partner Billy, their daughter Echo, 5 cats,7 chickens and 1 dog on Waiheke Island, NZ.
He makes music in his basement.

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Track Name: Farewellcome
So farewell baby,darling
my honeysweet love
I made that up, I pulled it down
I killed that Dove
So farewell sweet memory
Of tastes not so divine
a trigger or some noose
made from rope spun from Time
Farewell all you dancers, you go-go prancers
& you Schemers
farewell the two faced in- te-llectualist hypocriteand the dreamers

good morning sun shine
spar-k-ling rain
welcome again my lover
of pain

Welcome home you old creeper
you fickle lonely tear
welcome back & welcome in
now the Time is finally here
Come strangle this candle
come squeeze this skinny light
the days were long, the days were good
yet now I crave the night
So when they ask you to say that
final fond fare well
"to the blind" you shall say " he tried to give sight"

good morning sunshine
spar-k-ling rain
welcome again my lover
of pain
Track Name: Perfect Ways
You're so perfect in your way
you're so perfect in your ways
like some angel jesus made
like some lover born of slaves

You're so perfect in your ways
you're so perfect in your way
like the stranger digs the grave
like the soul yet to be saved

You're so perfect today
the sun, the moon, the dirt, the rain
you're so perfect in your way
a splint on the twisted hand of Fate

You're so perfect in your ways
you're so perfect in your way
nothing more to say
you're so perfect in your ways
Track Name: Billy
So tell me one more time
about the things you see
when you close your eyes
and I'll try to believe


Your black cat on my lap
he can smell my fear
wraps his tail around my fingers
my fingers in your hair